PR News Lead talks today about taxis, trucks and towing services

Good morning, all you friends and neighbors here in the greater Denver metropolitan area. Isn’t it great that the sun has come out again? All last week was pretty gloomy: dark clouds every day, and rain and snow. And this in the month of May! But then, that’s Colorado for you, isn’t it?

Today we have a special treat for you. We’re going to be talking about taxis, trucks and towing services. The idea came to us when we got a text from Jake Henderson over at Arvada towing service, who asked us when we were going to do a special report on services like his.

We’ve done articles on all kinds of things in the past few months, including lawn care and tree care, and chimney sweeping and all sorts of things like that, but it never would have occurred to us to write about towing services if we hadn’t gotten that text message from Jake.

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So, Jake, thanks a lot for giving us the idea!

But we decided that rather than just talking about towing services, we would add reports on a couple of other T-type jobs too, including taxis and trucks.

There are, of course, a great many taxis in the greater Denver metropolitan area, and a great many trucks too, but there are not so many towing services.

And what does this mean?

Well, from our point of view it means that there’s a lot more business to be head driving taxis or trucks than there is from driving tow trucks.

Still, all three kinds of service are certainly necessary. Because think of it: where would we be without taxis? And where would we be without trucks? And where would we be without towing services?

And having said that, what else is there to say?—at least today.

We’ll have more on this tomorrow.